Meet Joan

Joan Hawkins, influenced by her background in Fine Arts, reaches across a spectrum of various genres in the Decorative Arts 'library', from Classic to Moderne, Iconic to Easy Living, when collaborating with clients to create spaces.     

Joan is known for incorporating design elements across current and historically categorized periods and design styles. Her goal is to imbue an effortless cohesion of Form and Function particular to the people who inhabit their spaces. Often remarked upon for featuring a certain approachability not frequently conveyed in High Design, her core principal is: Design For Living. With effortless transitions and contrasts in furnishings and art, she is always pushing color theory and composition with unexpected juxtapositions of finishes, fabrics, and elusive subtleties through the arrangement of positive and negative space.

She sees her role as a facilitator. Joan’s design process begins with the client. She believes that, above all, the first step is to develop a trusting relationship, allowing her involvement in project management to emerge organically while providing counsel on the design principles of scale, proportion, pattern, composition and overall aesthetic. 

In collaboration with her clients, Joan seeks to help write a ‘narrative’ in pursuit of capturing what is individually authentic to the client's story. Providing insight on how to expand and further refine meaningful collections, she seeks to integrate her client’s artifacts into a framework reflecting their voice, their daily living, and their personal aesthetic. 

Located in Ridgeland, Joan’s boutique showroom and design library is open Monday through Friday.

Joan Hawkins

“In artistic endeavors, I was always combining different media and textures in an unorthodox fashion. Everything became assemblage….”

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